Apple Cider Season Is Here

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- The temperatures are cooler, the leaves are starting to change in spots, and a lot of us are thinking about fall. That means the apples are ripe and apple cider season has arrived.

We stopped by Ritter's Cider Mill in Lackawanna County where customers are looking for cider and all things fall.

The apples are ready and so is Ritter's Cider Mill near Mount Cobb.  We found apples on their way to becoming the sweet cider. That has made this place popular.

And when the cider starts pouring every September, it draws in customers from all over.

It's apple, it's natural, it's store-bought. It's homemade, you can see it made, and to top it all, you get donuts with it," said Thea Correll of Orson.

The cider has been the main product at Ritter's for 35 years but the place has expanded to include a bakery, too.  Apple cider donuts have become another big draw.

Amanda Smith from the Philadelphia area discovered the place, and is now a Ritter's regular.  She likes the apple everything here.

"We came here last year. We get the apple pies, the apple cider, the apple cider donuts," said Amanda Smith of Hatfield.

"I like apple season. I do canning. I make jellies and jams. I make pies. I just love this season," said Beverly Correll of Orson.

The Corrells came from Wayne County to load up on apples, and of course, the cider.

"It's that time of year, to come out to get the apples, and baking season and decorating season and this is the place to go," Thea said.

At Ritter's, there is also a corn maze and other things to give a full fall fun experience.

"Our busiest weekends are Columbus weekends and the following, but we're pretty much busy all the time," said Debra Ritter.

The Ritters enjoy seeing the kids smile with the animals. The family is happy to provide all the fall activities and products. But most of all they're glad so many customers keep coming back for the product they work the hardest on: the cider.

"It's a little hectic. We enjoy the customers, the fall, the pumpkins the apples, the everything. It's a great time of year, but it's a little exhausting."

Ritter's near Mount Cobb is open every day from now through Christmas.  You can watch them make cider a three or four days a week. You can always call ahead to see if they're making it that day.