Surviving A Lightning Strike In Scranton

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SCRANTON --- Carol Evanusa of Scranton knows she is lucky to be alive.

She has heard it again and again from doctors, nurses, family and friends.

Wednesday, Evanusa was on Boulevard Avenue in the Electric City.

She had just picked up her grandkids from day care and was headed home when she stopped to help a driver on the road.

It was storming and the roadway was flooding. Evanusa touched a nearby tree. That is when she was hit by lightning.

"I got, like, lifted right up off the ground, and I got, like, twisted, I was being twisted. It felt like I was being grabbed from the shoulders and twisted. I just got knocked to the ground," said Evanusa.

Evanusa said she thought she was dying.

She could not feel anything below the waist.

"Everything was so loud and I went to scream, I couldn't hear myself screaming for help."

Evanusa said she learned later at the hospital that lightning had struck the tree she had touched.

It went into her arm, down her body and came out her feet.

"Real lucky to be alive for my grandkids. I have two grandsons and two granddaughters and I'm glad to be there for them," said Evanusa.

She said she has suffered hearing loss as a result of the strike.