Man Helps to Keep Neighbors Warm

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP — A man in the Poconos spends his spare time helping others to stay warm.

The man from the Moscow area chops up wood for people who are having a hard time heating their home.

Bob Morgan of Daleville spends his spare time outside in his backyard splitting wood. This ex-Marine and current Tobyhanna Army Depot worker of 40 years says chopping wood is only one part of his hobby. The other part is he donates the wood to people having a hard time heating their homes.

Morgan says this all started 12 years ago when one of his neighbors fell onto hard times.

“He needed help so I gave him the rest of my firewood. Then I just started doing it more and more every year,” said Morgan.

And every year after, Bob Morgan finds out about others who need help. Right now, he delivers wood to a family of three.

“She is a single mom, she has two kids and she has a hard time. So a friend of mine at work knows her, and she asked if I could bring firewood for her. So every winter I do now,” said Morgan.

That need fuels Bob Morgan’s heart to continue heading into his back yard, with his ax or chain saw in hand, to split wood for others.

Once the wood dries, Bob Morgan takes the wood and fills the bed of his truck.

Depending on who needs the wood donation, the wood could heat a family’s home for about a week.

The only donation Bob is asking for is more wood to cut, whether it be from tree cutting services or neighbors looking to get rid of trees they got removed.

To Morgan, those scraps mean one less family shivering in the cold.

“Seven years ago, President Obama said if Americans help each other, America will be a better place. And I really believe that,” said Morgan.

And Bob Morgan is certainly doing what he can to help his fellow Americans in need and that’s why he’s getting a 16 Salutes.