Fewer Police On The Streets In Edwardsville

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EDWARDSVILLE -- Patrol hours have been slashed for one police department in Luzerne County.

Edwardsville Borough Council announced the change at a meeting Thursday night.

Some borough residents aren't happy and neither is the mayor

The borough of Edwardsville is seemingly quiet but some people who live there say looks can be deceiving.

Just ask Mary Ann Russo.

"We've had things damaged in our yard. Our cars were damaged, which they're not parked on the street. You have to actually come in the yard. we just don't feel that safe."

Which is why word that the patrol hours for the Edwardsville Police Department are being cut to save money makes her nervous.

"We are not happy about this. And I don't think the family of the police will either be happy," Russo said.

Borough council members announced their decision this week.

No police officers will be laid off but six part time officers will have their hours slashed.

Mayor Ace Dubaskas says the department will still be staffed 24-7 but there will be times when only one officer is on duty.

"Cutting shifts would save a couple dollars, but in the long run, as far as the safety of the police officer and the people of Edwardsville, we need everybody," Mayor Dubaskas said.

"I feel it's really hard for them to get things done now that need to be done, and by the councilors cutting back their hours, I think everything's just going to get even worse," said Candice Denn.

The mayor says the change in shifts for the Edwardsville Police Department took effect September 1.  The mayor says the change is temporary but he doesn't know long this situation will last.