Bridge Dedicated in Memory of Guidance Counselor

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SCRANTON -- A new bridge at Scranton High School was dedicated Friday evening to a long-time guidance counselor.

Family, friends and former co-workers gathered around the bridge, which connects the school's tennis courts to a parking area.

The bridge was dedicated in memory of Barbara McNulty. She passed away in 2011 after battling cancer. She was 61 and had retired just months earlier.

McNulty worked in the Scranton School District for 35 years. The dedication ceremony included the release of 35 pink balloons.

School officials say that after all McNulty gave of herself to the school, it's only fitting there be a permanent place for her on campus.

"The idea came out of last year's senior class president to build a bridge in memory of her, to honor her on our campus," said Principal John Coyle.

Industrial arts teacher John Ray adds, "I think it's an incredible memorial. She made such a difference in this school and the families' lives in the district."

Scranton High School students built the bridge in honor of their former guidance counselor.