Mounties Football Starts Fresh With Coach Miller

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STROUDSBURG -- First-year head coach Jim Miller is picking up the pieces after Joe Bernard left, and the Mounties are mounting another charge.

"Right now most of the kids luckily know how I am as a coach so there's not a lot of issues there we prepare we're only worrying about one team at a time. Track hasn't even started.I haven't thought about track at all. I'm sure that will hit me when March comes around and the weather, but right now we're just focused on football and I'm sure at the end of football season I'll be recruiting kids for track anyway," said Jim Miller.

Mike Nikorak is the junior quarterback at Stroudsburg. He likes the new direction of the team.

"Definitely two different-coaches Coach Miller-we run we condition and it shows on Friday night's all the teams are cramping up. We're the only team out there not cramping up at all and just the way that he runs practices our offense is where we're supposed to be and our defense is where we're supposed to be," said Mike Nikorak.

"We worked on it this week to make sure he gets the ball up a little but on the short passes but overall he's having a good time it seems in practice and on the field," again said Coach Miller.

After winning two Mountain Valley Conference titles in a row and starting off (2-0), a team un-ranked in the Super 16 pre-season rankings the Stroudsburg Mountaineers coached by first year head coach Jim Miller can make a statement Friday night by beating cross town rival East Stroudsburg South.

"We got to focus on the next two weeks come out play how we're supposed to play and go from there," again said Mike.