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Horse Struck By Lightning And Killed

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HOP BOTTOM -- Richard Williams of Hop Bottom said it was something his family will never forget.

Thursday morning after a powerful storm, his wife walked out to the family farm field in Hop Bottom to find their 15-year-old horse, Lady, on the ground.

An Eight-year-old horse named Brave, was by her side.

"Brave was down by this big tree and Lady was on the ground, so he was whinnying and very upset obviously, and she noticed that Lady was on the ground," said Richard Williams.

Williams said Lady was gone and Brave, who spent his entire life with her, was so upset, he had to be sedated.

A veterinarian confirmed, Lady was killed by a lightning.

"It's painful to have an animal that long, and we weren't aware that when a horse gets struck by lightning, it's 5,000 volts, because it's four legs on the ground and a human it's like 500 volts, typically humans don't die from lighting strikes. 99% of the time when a horse gets hit by lighting, they die," said Williams.

Williams said he wants to warn others about what his family has learned the hard way. When there is a storm, you should get your animals inside.

He said it was a hot night, so Lady and Brave stayed outside, instead of heading into the nearby barn.

"That's what they were doing, cooling down and that's their favorite tree over there, for some reason they stay under the tree," explained Williams.

Richard Williams, himself, said he was struck by lightning, though not directly, when he was young in the Clarks Summit area.

Lady was buried Thursday, near her favorite tree.

Williams said he will have to soon buy another horse to keep Brave company.