East Buffalo Township Opens New Offices

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- The East Buffalo Township Municipal Building is ready to open, and on Thursday, officials moved into their new offices near Lewisburg.

Officials say the old building was torn down last year because it was in bad condition. That made way for the new $3.5 million facility, which officials said did not cost taxpayers any money.

Officials moved into their new office building near Lewisburg. The old one was torn down last year.

Newswatch 16 was there in 2008. Township officials say the place was deteriorating.

"It was actually falling apart. It was to the point where the steps out front were not safe to go up and down. We taped them up so people couldn't go up and down," Secretary/Treasurer Barry Troxell said.

"Cinder blocks that were so deteriorated that squirrels were living in the cinder blocks, that kind of thing," township manager Stacey Kifolo said.

Township officials voted to tear down the building and build a new one, along with a new public works garage. The project cost $3.5 million. Officials say $2 million came from a bank loan and the rest of the money is from the township's general fund. But the new facility is not just for offices.

"We're also able to bring the planning and zoning department into our facility. Our planning and zoning department serves three municipalities," Kifolo said.

"The old township building did not have a community center but this new one has a community room with space for more than 200 people. Township officials say the plan to let non-profit groups meet here for free.

"We didn't have the space before. There's a lot of groups that are going to be using it," Troxell said.

Officials say the township's vehicles will be housed inside the 13,000 square foot public works garage.

"It's a lot of space for our equipment that we didn't have before. We're going to be able to take all our trucks in there in the winter time especially. They will be warm and ready to go when they get ready for snow plowing," Kifolo said.

The building also has a 700 square foot area that is vacant. East Buffalo Township officials are looking to rent it out to a non-profit or a government group.