New Playground On The Roof

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SAINT CLAIR -- A school in Schuylkill County expanded and built on the buildings playground. So now, the students are having recess on the roof.

Kids seem to always have fun at recess and it's no different at the Saint Clair Area Elementary-Middle School.

But there are some changes, such as the high fence surrounding the playground. That's because the new playground is on the roof.

School officials stress that safety for the students is the key factor.   There is a special padded floor to minimize injuries and teachers, including Sandy Mickonis, are always watching the students.

"We check the gates and we radio down on the walkie-talkie to the office to say 'fourth grade is on the roof and everything is secure' and then we allow the kids to come up," Mickonis said.

The playground on the roof was needed because of an $11 million renovation and expansion program.

Superintendent Kendy Hickel said the expansion was needed.

"We've been growing over the last seven years that I have been here and we're over 600 students, and prior to the project we were in stairwells with small groups of students. We were just busting at the seams."

The area for the old playground is now used for parking. The second floor is filled with classrooms, and on the roof, a playground.

Fourth grader Kerra Dempsey likes the new place for recess.

"I think it's kind of cool because around here you don't have these kind of things."

The dedication to the addition to the Saint Clair Area Elementary-Middle School will be held September 25 at 6 p.m. School officials say everyone is welcome.