Mushroom Art Gallery

It's the time of year when mushrooms grow in many shapes and sizes.

Mike Stevens says he has pictures to prove it as we travel the Pennsylvania Road to Wayne County.

  • otr winter is here

    Winter is Here On The Pennsylvania Road

  • bdpr ice cave

    Cave of Ice in Sullivan County

  • bdpr skycam tour

    Winter Skycam Tour

  • bdpr wood toys

    Pictures from the Past Carved in Wood

  • promo284835579

    Books As Art

  • promo281239785

    An Artist at Work

  • promo280621639

    Making Pysanky Eggs

  • otr hotel edison

    The Hotel Edison

  • bdpr waterfall

    Watching A White Waterfall

  • bdpr blizzard

    Finding Beauty in the Blizzard

  • promo276206246

    Remembering A Band Director

  • bdpr eagles mere

    Eagles Mere Ice Slide

  • promo284251674

    Preserving a Piece of Fire Fighting History


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