Memorial Service to Remember 9/11

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WATSONTOWN -- All these years, we have stopped to remember on this somber anniversary.

This was the first year folks in Watstontown organized a memorial service to pay respect to the victims of September 11th.

From the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church in Watsontown came the patriotic "America the Beautiful. "

Another year has passed since the United States was attacked and so many lost their lives.

Prayer and songs marked this 12th anniversary of September 11th, the first memorial service of its kind in the borough.

Church bells rang at the exact times those four planes crashed.

"It started to change our lives as a family, our sons in the military who deployed a total of nine times," said Watsontown Police Chief Denny Derr.

Chief Derr spoke about the sacrifices his family has made, one son still deployed, another injured while serving his country.

Just some of the lasting reminders of how the attacks twelve years ago have put troops in harm's way ever since.

"I think we need to take a pause today and remember something that happened very tragically and changed lives of everybody in american in one way or another," said Chief Derr.

Staff Sergeant Jason Kling recently returned from his fifth deployment overseas, this time to Afghanistan.

"That day set so many things in motion for everybody wearing a uniform, we knew it was going to be busy after that," said SSG Kling.

SSG Kling's wife, Kathy, said this anniversary puts everything into perspective, starting with September 11th.

"Definitely the missed holidays and birthdays, and things like that. They make you remember the sacrifices everyone makes," she said.

Local emergency responders were honored at the memorial service for all they do to keep the public safe.