Banks Township Supervisors Meeting Becomes Shouting Match Over 911 Mapping

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TRESKOW- Tuesday's Banks Township Supervisors' meeting had more screaming than talking.

People attending the meeting argued about township finances and alleged threats to municipal workers.

And that was before Supervisors Walter Bobowski and Theresa Shott were asked to explain why the Coxeville section of the township and its 80 homes still do not have street addresses for emergency responders when almost every other community in our region does.

"You cannot locate a home on this road," claimed Coxeville homeowner Mary Ellen Novotny, August 23rd when Action 16 Investigates first showed the problem.

Novotny claimed ambulances and state police cruisers often stopped to ask directions during an emergency.

Carbon County`s 911 Director Gary Williams called it a critical problem.

Township supervisor Rick Porpiglia says his colleagues aren't listening, and at Tuesday's meeting loudly told them, "Life and death, that`s not emergency to you!."

Township solicitor Joe Woitko says the bickering could give the wrong impression.

"That we`re not in favor of passing this, that we`re not in favor of getting it done," said Woitko.

When told the facts show that Banks Township Supervisors were very slow to get it done, and slower than everywhere else, Woitko countered,  "OK, I think that`s a fair criticism."

Woitko blames Porpiglia, who is in charge of mapping, claiming Porpiglia is not sharing the details of his plan for mapping Coxeville.

"I just want it done for these people," countered Porpiglia saying it was for those in Coxeville.  "You`ve got 80 some properties over there, 80 families over there, and it's life and death."

So why the fighting?

Porpiglia says other meetings are like Tuesday's, when fellow supervisors adjourn the meeting before he can even bring up the issue.

A woman who supports Porpiglia left the meeting saying, "I`ve had it with this township.  I can`t do this no more."

The Banks Township Solicitor says that if supervisors work together, a mapping plan could be put in place in November.

But, few at Tuesday's contentious meeting believe such cooperation will happen.