New Life For Old Resort

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- A golf resort in the Poconos that's been in disrepair over the years is getting a second chance. And you can watch that resort get a much-needed makeover Monday night on the Travel Channel.

The resort is Wolf Hollow at Water Gap County Club. It will be featured on the Travel Channel's, Hotel Impossible, where a crew comes in and renovates a run-down hotel.

This resort fit the bill and has inspired the owner to make it one of the best resorts in the Poconos.

The place in Delaware Water Gap not only has a new name, it has new owners, and thanks to the reality show Hotel Impossible, it also has a newer look.

"I was here a few years ago and it was very dark and now it's all bright," said Angela Beers.

Beers works at East Stroudsburg University and stopped by to check out the changes.

"I noticed right away the floor in the lobby. It's beautiful."

The lobby is exactly where the reality show Hotel Impossible focused a lot of its efforts. The show on the Travel Channel has a team of people who come out to hotels that have seen better days and renovates them.

Shaun Lyons, the new owner of Wolf Hollow, says the crew started its renovations the first day. He was the official owner of the property back in April.

"We closed about Wednesday and had Hotel Impossible here as well," said Lyons.

It took a few years to get the reality show to agree to do a renovation. A longtime official with this hotel reached out years ago. Finally, the reality show agreed and what better then when a new owner took over.

"They closed off the lobby. We couldn't use the lobby, which we had a wedding the same week. We reached out to the wedding party and let them know we were filming," said Lyons.

Before Hotel Impossible started filming in the lobby, the owner of Wolf Hollow had some renovations already underway, his focus was the bar area and restaurant, right next to the lobby.

And the owner isn't done. He's renovating parts of the golf course.

"We added a lot more equipment to the building, to the course itself, renovated tee boxes, really just did a ton of work to the course."

Hotel Impossible didn't only give Wolf Hollow a cosmetic upgrade.

It also helped the hotel with a budget and a business plan. The owner says both are working. Wolf Hollow is having a viewing party at 10 p.m. of their episode on Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel.

It's open to the public and you can also take a look around.