Bank Robbery In Lycoming County

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JERSEY SHORE — Police in Lycoming County are looking for a bank robber.

Authorities said it happened after 3 p.m. at the Woodlands Bank in Jersey Shore.

Police said they are looking for a white male in his early 20s with dark hair, about 220 pounds, wearing sunglasses, white shorts with a green shirt with a white stripe down the side, a black hooded sweatshirt with an eagle on the front.

He was last seen running towards a pizza place next door, heading east on Allegheny Street.

Surrounding schools from the Jersey Shore School District were on lockdown while sports practices are moved indoors. The lockdown was lifted because police said the robber did not show a weapon.

There is no word on if the robber got any money.

Police released a security camera photo of the alleged robber.

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