Schuylkill County Officials Surprised By Northumberland County’s Cost Cutting

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POTTSVILLE -- You may be wondering what other county officials think of Northumberland County's cost cutting moves.

In Schuylkill County, Frank Staudenmeier has been a commissioner for 12 years.  Staudenmeier said he's surprised about how his counterparts in Northumberland County decided to cut costs by slashing elected county officials salaries and boosting the amount they pay for health care.

"Elected officials are always looking for ways to cut money. I believe it was unprecedented. I haven't heard of those drastic changes taken by any other counties that I am aware of."

Schuylkill County officials say they won't follow Northumberland County's lead. They planned ahead by doing cost cutting years ago.

Steve Lukach, Schuylkill County's clerk of courts explained he was at the Northumberland County meeting to support his counterpart.

"The amount of money they saved wasn't going to make a big difference in the running of government in Northumberland County." Lukach said.

Evelyn Krenzke, while at the courthouse on business, said she agrees with Northumberland County's cost cutting.

"There is a lot of things that I don't agree about but you've got to do something. Is this the first step, hopefully."

John Lorah is from Columbia County. He said his commissioners should think about following Northumberland County's cost-cutting lead.

"We've got to start cutting back some place and if this is step number one, I think it's a good idea."

Officials say Schuylkill County is in good financial shape and that means they won't have to resort to do what Northumberland County did by cutting the salaries of row officers by almost 50 percent.