Helping Fellow Firefighters

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MAHANOY CITY---It has been about two weeks since a devastating fire at The Washington Hook and Ladder Company in Mahanoy City.

Outside the burned building are signs of support for members of the company, known to locals as `the Hookies`.

That blaze destroyed the fire company`s aerial truck.

"It was scary because it could have happened here, it could have happened at any other fire house and it's a real sad story to happen to Washington Hook and Ladder," said Captain John Desjardine of the Citizens Fire Company.

There are five volunteer fire companies in Mahaonoy City and until the blaze, there were two aerial trucks in town, with ladders that could reach up high.

Now there is only this one, but there is an offer of help.

Fireifghters in one township in Lackawanna County may lend their ladder truck to the 'Hookies'; the township firefighters want to remain anonymous until the deal is finalized.

It is an offer that has many here in Mahaonoy City excited.

"I think it's great, very generous of them for how much they cost and just the fact that they're willing to give it to them says a lot about the brotherrhood in the whole area and firefighting in general," saiod Citizens Fire Company Lt. Paul Brutto Jr.

"A ladder truck, you need a ladder truck around here, you still have three story buildings, you have the high rise," said borough resident Paul Zilker.

There is still the matter of a permanent replacement.

Fire officials said an aerial truck is the most expensive piece of firefighting equipment and a new aerial truck could be half a million or more.

They said a loaner is just what they need right now.

"You never know when you're gonna need help, you know? Some times you need more help than you need," said Joseph Rzeplinski of Mahanoy City.