Four Nabbed After Burglary, Chase

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- Four alleged burglars who state police say led them on a high-speed chase after making off with $35,000 are locked up.

The four men - three from Maryland and one from Washington D.C. - were arraigned in Sugarloaf on felony charges of burglary and related offenses.

Police say surveillance video caught the four grabbing $35,000 from the Top of the 80's food mart. The damage inside caused store owners to close for most of the day.

"That's a good thing, we got them and nobody was hurt. The store was closed, this happened about 3 o'clock in the morning," said owner Jay Abdulrahman.

One man can be seen pulling a heavy safe out. It was found cut open just enough to reach in and scoop the money out.

"They took all the money too, and boy, that's thick, too," said Abdulrahman.

The owners of the Top of the 80's food mart say, if nothing else, the bandits were very brazen.

Abdulrahman says they also targeted the safe door on an ATM.

"It looks like they spent more than a half hour inside the store to do everything they did."

The burglars also cut the phone wires and trashed parts of the store.  State police say they got a tip that the bandits were heading south on Interstate 81. There was a high-speed chase and the suspects were captured in Schuylkill County.

They're all locked up.

Troopers told the judge the four are a part of something much bigger but wouldn't elaborate.