Taste Test: Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty

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It's back to school time, which means packing breakfast and lunches in a hurry.

Pop-Tarts has made breakfast time a little easier with new Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty flavors: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter, a quick easy way to take a tasty breakfast on the go.

We took the two new flavors to Little People Day Care School in Scranton to find out what the kids thought.

First up was the Chocolate Peanut Butter.

"I taste the peanut butter," said day care student Malice Blackwell.
"Did you taste the chocolate?"

We also decided to ask the daycare supervisors what they thought of the new Pop-Tart Gone Nutty flavors.

"I loved it. It tasted like candy cakes, the cupcakes. I love chocolate peanut butter, so I will definitely be making a trip to the store," said day care supervisor Chrissy Boyle.

Our next nutty flavor was Pop-Tarts Peanut Butter.

"I don't like the peanut one, the peanut butter one," said day care student Amor Sims.
"Which one did you like?"
"I liked just the chocolate one," Amor said.

Head pre-K teacher Wendy Lazevnick says she's not a huge Pop-Tart fan but she gave the new flavor a try anyway.

"They were pretty good. I'm not normally a big peanut butter person but I liked them. I just think you'd get sick of them easily. But they were pretty good," Wendy said.

Out of the two new flavors, the kids seemed to love the chocolate peanut butter the most and said they definitely would want these new Pop-Tarts at their breakfast tables.

We bought the new Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty flavors at Walmart.