Lights Out in Duryea High Rise Apartments

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DURYEA – PPL officials tell Newswatch 16 power was restored around 5:45 p.m.

It was lights out for about 100 residents in a Duryea high rise, an ordeal that started early on the holiday morning.

"It started at 5:30 this morning, so actually, we thought the transformer blew, they had the power on, and then another transformer blew, and we been out ever since," said resident Sue Lapinski.

The Luzerne County Housing Authority’s Frank P. Crossin Towers is home to many elderly residents, all of whom were forced to the first floor with nothing to do but wait.

"It`s an inconvenience but everybody else is in the same boat,” said resident Paul Budty.

Most remained in good spirits as PPL worked to fix the electrical problem underground, even 92-year old Patricia DeViasi.

"Good, I have no complaints.  I wasn`t going anywhere anyway so what`s the difference if I sit here?" said DeViasi.

As crews are working longer than first expected to restore the power here in Duryea, the American Red Cross is helping everyone stay comfortable and cool as they wait it out.

"We have fans going in there now as you can see with the generators and that going, trying to keep them cool.  We have a refrigerator going inside the housing authority for the medications and that,” said Duryea Mayor Keith Moss.

Coolers stocked with bottled water and Gatorade were filled in the community room, while residents watched some generator powered television.

Others waited and watched.

"Talk, walk, we play with the dog, you know," said Lapinski.

Wondering when they might be able to go back to their homes.