Labor Day Grilling

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For a lot of people, the Labor Day holiday is all about swarming stores to score sales!

And for others, it's all about those backyard barbecues.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to be getting their grilling on!  The Labor Day holiday is one where most working Americans set up shop at a backyard barbecue rather than the office and when it comes to making your grilling is great.

Chef Michael McCully from Carl Von Lugers Steak and Seafood Restaurant in downtown Scranton claims first, make sure you have the right kind of charcoal.  His advice: Choose a 'natural hard wood lump charcoal' to avoid getting chemicals onto your food.

"Any sort of additives in their fuel they put on there might seep into the product and create soot on the outside," said Chef McCully.

Another tip, take some steps to prevent your food from getting stuck on the grill!  This food fanatic in Scranton said coat the grates with vegetable oil using a handful of paper towels.

"You never really want to spray Pam on there because the aerosol could be on there. And it could be a big problem," said the chef.

Time to fire up the good eats! If you`re looking to really heat up your holiday food spread and steer clear of those traditional burgers, reach for the skewers! Chef Michael whipped up some quick shrimp-filet-sausage and pepper kabobs.  You can get as creative as you want. But here`s one food fact to keep in mind:

The chef said "it's important to take these wooden skewers and soak them in water. Hot water helps. Half an hour. And that way they won't ignite on the grill."

And one other outside of the 'backyard barbecue' idea: oysters on the grill! Cook them for about eight minutes or so.  Grilling gurus claim the dish will wow your guests when you add things to them like blue cheese, barbecue sauce or bacon.

If you'd like step by step instructions on how to make the recipes we whipped up as well as other grilling ideas, click here!