Reaction To Latest Gilberton Meeting

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GILBERTON -- Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler is still suspended without pay, but for some, that was not good enough.

"Someone has to stop the intimidation and make sure this guy is, how should I say it, is pointed out as a guy who incites violence and basically off of his ever-loving rocker," said political activist Gene Stilp of Dauphin County.

Stilp said Kessler`s actions are not those of a good police chief or even a good gun owner.

Stilp has filed complaints about the chief with the ATF, FBI, state police and Attorney General`s office.

Stilp wants borough council members to fire Kessler.

At a meeting last month when Kessler was first suspended, dozens of armed supporters showed up at the Gilberton borough building.

"This is not 1930, this is not Germany, this is not Hitler`s Blackshirts, there`s no need for armed people with AK-47s and AR-15s and tactical shotguns and Glocks to be at meetings like this," said Stilp.

At the most recent meeting, no armed supporters stood outside.

Kessler was not at the special council meeting either, but he did post a Facebook message to his supporters, that states he has "...changed the course of history."

"I accomplished this historic feat peacefully with just words and freedom of expression," he posted.