Police Investigating Attempted Arson at Bar

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Police are investigating after they say someone threw a gasoline bomb and started a fire outside bar in Luzerne County.

It happened around 3 a.m. Friday at Two G's Bar and Restaurant on Route 115 in Bear Creek Township.

The front window is still boarded up where troopers believe two people tried using homemade "Molotov cocktails" to set the business on fire.

The bar and restaurant is connected to a convenience store and it's just steps away from gas pumps.

The front window is broken and the wall is scorched with soot but the people who work at Two G's Bar and Restaurant along Route 115 in Bear Creek Township consider themselves lucky.

Heidi Blakeslee says shortly after she locked up the bar for Thursday night, someone tried to start a fire with homemade Molotov cocktails.

"Their little firebomb wasn't made properly so it didn't take. Otherwise this whole strip mall would have been gone."

The damage is minor. Nothing was stolen and no one was hurt, but the bartender is still shaken up about the potential for disaster with the flammable mix of liquor and nearby gasoline.

"A lot of people would be out of work. And right now with the economy, your job is very important. You can't lose it."

Investigators believe two of the devices were made of plastic, a third was glass. People who live nearby tell us they can't believe someone would do this so close to a gas station.

"This whole place could have exploded if they did it right."

Jeffrey Shafer says the bar draws a local crowd and there's rarely any trouble.  While state police work to figure out who tried to set the place on fire, the manager says Two G's won't close its doors because of the scare.

"This incident will not ruin it. We're going to keep on going like usual," said manager Jessica Johnsen.

"Definitely turn themselves in. Because if we find them, they're going to have to turn themselves in or out," said Jerry Shaffer.

State police say they're hopeful that surveillance video might help them find the people who tried to set the fire.

The folks at Two G's say they won't be scared off. The bar and restaurant is open and the band starts Friday night at 9.