Cyclist Hit By Car In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A man riding his bicycle was taken to the hospital after being hit by a car Thursday morning.

Police tell us a car turning onto Pittston Avenue from Warner Street in Scranton hit the bike rider just after 9 a.m.

According to police the biker, Adrian Barreras-Leon of Scranton, was biking the wrong way down the one-way section of Pittston Avenue. The driver, Kevin Calpin, was turning from Warner Street onto Pittston Avenue and only looked for traffic coming up the street, he told officers he did not see the biker coming the wrong way down the street.

Officers said Barreras-Leon was taken to the hospital for x-rays and is expected to be OK.

Investigators said the driver may not face any charges.

Traffic was diverted off Pittston Avenue while Scranton police investigated the crash.