Driver Pinned By Concrete Wall Talks to Newswatch 16

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The man who had a bank wall fall on the hood of his utility truck Tuesday while passing through the drive-through window is talking about his frightening experience.

Edward Shucosky of Pittston said despite having that concrete wall come crashing down on the hood of his work truck, he was treated at the hospital for only a sprained ankle.

Shucosky and his wife returned to Wayne Bank in Stroud Township, the place where he got the shock of his life just a day ago.

The front end of Shucosky’s work truck had a 17-ton overhanging concrete wall came crashing down on the hood while he was passing through the drive-through.

Shucosky said it happened so fast he has no idea how it happened.

“Not a clue, by the time I noticed anything I was already underneath it and the wall was already on top of the hood, pushing it down,” said Shucosky.

Shucosky said he was at the bank parking lot at the Stroud Mall, working on traffic lights at a nearby intersection on Route 611, when he was called to come across the highway.

“When my partner left to go across the street, he called me up to have me meet him on the other side, I tried to avoid traffic, I went around the building or through the drive-through, and when I came out the other side the wall fell down on top of the truck,” said Shucosky.

Shucosky’s leg was pinned under the dash board for about an hour and a half as fire crews worked to cut him out.

Shucosky said he felt calm while he was being rescued and credits the firefighters for easing the situation.

“They were great, they helped me out, they told me everything I asked them to do, tell me what you’re doing, they told me before anything happened. they kept me informed with everything, and they asked me if something changes to let them know and they can adjust and we did, we just kept talking back and forth with everything,” said Shucosky.

He was flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital and was treated for just a sprained ankle.

“Everybody keeps telling me to go buy lottery tickets, I feel extremely lucky considering what happened,” said Shucosky.

What caused the wall to fall is being looked into by the Stroud Area Regional Police Department.