Digital Upgrade to Dietrich Theater

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TUNKHANNOCK – The magic of the movies in Tunkhannock is about to go totally digital so it doesn’t go dark.

"As of this December which is not that far away, there will be no more film.  Everything will be on digital, in fact we've run into the problem of not being able to get films because because we couldn't take them digitally," said Executive Director Jennifer Jenkins.

Two of the four theaters in the Dietrich Theater are still rolling on film, but beginning in just a couple of weeks the big machines will be replaced with digital projectors with a price tag of $100,000.

"For us very important, because I don't have cable and satellite TV so if I see a movie it's only going to be in the movie theater," said Gisela Demko of Ricketts Glen.

Bruce Brandwen of Lake Winola says this digital upgrade could even bring more variety to the big screens here.

"It opens up sports, it opens up a whole slew of new programming opportunities for the local theater and then for the local population,” said Brandwen.

This digital projection roll out comes on the heels of the major flood cleanup here in Tunkhannock, one that cost the theater about a quarter of a million dollars.

"It's kind of been one hit after another,” said Jenkins.

Nearly two years ago, the theater was under water and a mess.

"Volunteers had to strip out carpeting, drywall, replace everything, clean the seats,” said Cultural Programing Director Erica Rogler.

The theater has raised about 85% of the money needed for the project, but is looking to the community yet again to help keep the big screens running.

“People come in, kids come in and say here's $5, we sold some cookies, we had a bake sale and we want to give it to the Dietrich for the digital conversion,” said Jenkins.

With a little help from movie goers, the project is scheduled to be completed September 20for a big film gala.