Taste Test: Fiber One 90 Calorie Bars

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This week's Taste Test claims to be healthy and tasty. Fiber One has come out with new 90 calorie snack bars in three different flavors.

So Newswatch 16 headed up the mountain to the Shoppes at Montage in Lackawanna County to find out what people think of this new and healthy snack.

They claim to be healthy, delicious and only 90 calories. They're new Fiber One 90 calorie snack bars that come in three different flavors: Lemon Bar, Cinnamon Coffee Cake and Chocolate Chip Brownie.

We took the three boxes to the Shoppes at Montage in Lackawanna County to find out what shoppers think of the new and healthy snack bar.

First up, the Lemon Bar.

"It tastes sweet and it tastes kind of like a cake," said Maura Kosek from Pittston.

Maura is getting ready to go into third grade and says the lemon bar is something she would want for breakfast and for a snack during her school day.

Our next flavor we tested: Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

"It tastes just like a cinnamon cake, you know like the crumb cake with cinnamon. Tastes just like that," said Millie Marbach from Moosic.

Millie says the Cinnamon Cake is a perfect size snack for her during the day.

The last flavor we tried was the new Fiber One 90 calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie.

We found the Arani family who happened to be traveling from Kentucky back home to Massachusetts. They made a stop at the mountain and we caught them just in time to try the new flavor.

"It definitely tastes like a brownie, more like a chocolate chip but cookie," said Kelly Arani from Massachusetts.

Kelly's sister decided to try the lemon bar during their break from the long road trip.

"It actually tastes just like an actual lemon bar like no real difference to it like it doesn't feel like or taste like it would be lower in calorie or anything," said Madison Arani from Massachusetts.

The Fiber One 90 calorie bars seemed to be a huge hit with the flavor and everyone who tasted the snack bars said they love that they are tiny and only 90 calories.

We bought Fiber One's new 90 calorie snack bars at Walmart for $2.92 a box and there are six bars in one box.