Greene Dreher Sterling Fair Underway

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NEWFOUNDLAND – It’s high flying, thrilling fun.  Another year has brought the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair to Wayne County.

"It was like so cool, you could see everything from there," said TJ Miller.

"It is so cool, you just feel so alive at the top I mean, there`s no feeling like it," said Rachel Miller of Beach Lake.

For many kids this is one last chance to let loose before school starts.

"It`s funner than going to school, I like school, but I like this better," said 10-year old Bryanna Wodack of Madisonville.

For some of the young at heart, it’s  a chance to play with some old hit and miss engines.

“We try to show people what it was like back when they didn`t have all the modern equipment that they have today,” said Sam Conklin of Hamlin.

Conklin says one of his machines is 104-years old.  Their sounds keep him young at heart.

But if the rides and attractions don`t bring you out to the G-D-S Fair, it`s definitely got to be the delicious food.

Shirley Eggert of Newfoundland dove right into her favorite sausage sandwich just hours after the midway opened.

"Wonderful, wonderful,” said Eggert.

She says it’s a yearly tradition to hit up these vendors and enjoy her favorite foods.

"This will probably fill me, then I`ll leave and I`ll come back later and I`ll start all over again,” said Eggert.

Those cooking up the apple dumplings, sausage and other staples say this fair in Newfoundland holds a special place in their heart.

"We just love it, we do several other fairs but this is our hometown and this is the one we really enjoy doing," said Ralph Marchione of Marchione Family Concessions.

The fair runs now through September 2.