Beefing Up Security In Blue Mountain Schools

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ORWIGSBURG -- Another crime has officials in one school district in Schuylkill county increasing security and has some staff members in Blue Mountain now carrying guns.

Most of us remember scenes from Sandy Hook, Connecticut last year: children and teachers gunned down in their own elementary school.

"It was horrific, it was an unimaginable horror. I couldn't imagine what the parents were going through, what the kids were going through, but you know that can happen any place," said Dr. Robert Urzillo, Blue Mountain School District.

Sandy Hook is just one of the reasons the Blue Mountain School District in the Orwigsburg area is increasing security by arming two administrators with guns. They'll rove around to all five schools in the district.  Superintendent Robert Urzillo declined to let us talk to those administrators or see their equipment.

"You have to do anything you can to protect the students. Hopefully we'll never have to use the guns but we do think if it will deter any problems, it will mitigate any problems."

Lauren Snoke, who has a first grader in Blue Mountain doesn't like the idea of guns in the school.

"I don't want her to question as to why somebody is walking around with a gun, is she in any kind of fear, is something going to happen that day."

Joe McGlinshey's granddaughter attends Blue Mountain.  He thinks trained administrators carrying guns is a good idea.

"I know if it was sitting there even as a teacher, I'd feel a lot safer knowing that someone that was in the school was a professional and could fire back."

School officials haven't ruled out any security enhancements but one thing they won't do is arm teachers to protect the kids.