Man Hit and Killed by Vehicle Following Concert

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SCRANTON -- Investigators said a man was killed, hit by a vehicle after a concert on Montage Mountain.

It happened around 10 p.m. Sunday on Montage Mountain Road.

The Lackawanna County coroner released the name of the man killed walking away from last night's concert on Montage Mountain. While police are checking to see if the driver should be charged in connection with the crash, the victim's family isn't exactly sure why he was even at the concert.

There's still a lot that's unknown about the crash that led to Michael Sanders' death. Investigators say they do know that while the Jason Aldean country music concert was coming to an end Sunday night, Sanders was walking along the side of Montage Mountain Road when he was hit.

Police say the driver won't be charged until they know more about what happened before the crash.

Less that twelve hours after the deadly crash, police were out again along the side of Montage Mountain Road taking picture of the scene, the first steps in piecing together what happened.

The crash closed down the road that leads away from Toyota Pavilion and kept concert goers in gridlock traffic for hours Sunday night. Police say the driver of an SUV struck Michael Sanders, 32, of Dunmore while he was walking on Montage Mountain road. He died from his injuries later on at the hospital.

In the daylight, you can see where police marked how Sanders' body fell after he was hit and at this point that's about all investigators know about the deadly crash.

"We need to know exactly where everybody is and what they were doing at the time. We try to reconstruct, some things we can figure out, some things we're not able to determine. We want to know direction of travel, speed, that sort of thing," said Lackawanna County A.D.A. Robert Klein.

Klein and Scranton Police investigators say charges have not yet been filed but, the driver of the SUV, Ivy Giordano, 23, of Union Dale was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI. We won't know if she will be charged until blood tests come back.

The same tests will be done on Michael Sanders to see if he had been drinking. Sanders' family says they too know very little about why he was out on the road Sunday night. They say he was a dedicated father who leaves behind a wife and three young daughters.

Police wouldn't tell us if Michael Sanders was walking alone or if the driver, Ivy Giordano, had passengers in her car. It could be weeks until we know if Giordano will be charged and if she could face more crimes than just DUI. She could be charged with homicide by motor vehicle.

The incident affected hundreds, maybe thousands of people.  Montage Mountain Road was closed.  People got stuck in the parking lot, and it took several hours to clear the backlog. Some were stuck on the mountain until after 3 a.m.