73-year-old Woman Shot on School Property

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A woman in her 70s is recovering after being shot on school property in Plains Township. Police say a .22 caliber bullet hit the woman Sunday night just outside of Wilkes-Barre at the running track outside the Leo E. Solomon Educational Complex.

Dorothy Sarnick of Plains Township was just about to take her nightly walk when a stray bullet hit her in the arm. Police say this is the first incident of its kind here at the school.

"It`s very strange, kids are down here all the time. I walk my family down here, my children, kids are playing, the football team practices over here on this field, school property, we`re very concerned about this,” said Plains Township Police Officer Timothy Minnick.

The morning after the shooting walkers were back on the track and kids played nearby. News of the shooting surprised many enjoying the complex. "I`m shocked, normally this area is very quiet as far as people shooting at each other," said Dan Rigle of Plains Township.

Now police are working to piece the puzzle together and figure out exactly where the bullet was shot from and who might have fired the gun. Some are speculating this all might have been an accident.

"I have heard of a lot of hunting in the back woods through the years especially quite a few years back, and I hope that it was something like that it was just an error,” said Rigle.

With school slated to start later this week police and parents say figuring out exactly what happened here is their top priority.

"We`re going to be out here in full force scanning the area, looking for evidence, trying to identify people who are in the area that shouldn`t be here.,” said Officer Minnick.

For Dan Rigle and many other parents, this latest shooting in Luzerne County is just another reason to stay alert. "I`ve been on high alert and I still am, and I`ll keep my eye out,” said Rigle.

School begins for students in Wilkes-Barre at the Leo E. Solomon Educational Complex Wednesday. The 73-year-old victim was treated and released from the hospital. She’s back at home recovering tonight.