School Investigating Soft Pellet Gun Incident

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East Stroudsburg Area School District officials say some students will likely be punished after bringing a gun on campus.

The gun is an air soft pellet gun and school officials are treating this situation very seriously.

It's pretty quiet now at East Stroudsburg High School North in Bushkill.

School hasn't started yet, but practice for fall sports - like football - is in full swing.

Earlier this month, during an overnight football camp at the school, school officials say three students had soft pellet guns.

One of the guns went off, hitting another student.

Some former East Stroudsburg High School North students are surprised someone would bring any kind of weapon on campus.

"I think that's ridiculous. School should be more cautious of what goes on and what people bring into the school. God forbid it was a real gun, the kid could have lost his life," said Amy Sandoval of Bushkill.

"They should definitely be getting expelled for this," said Lisa Borden of Bushkill.

But one mother isn't as upset about the incident because her son has soft pellet guns and doesn't believe they're that dangerous.

"They just like to shoot at the trees any they'll shoot at each other too and get a little sting and that's about it,"  said Melanie Vough of Middle Smithfield Township.

But East Stroudsburg Area School District Officials are taking this matter - a student bringing a soft pellet gun to school - seriously.

They released this statement:

"The East Stroudsburg Area School District endeavors to provide a safe and secure environment on school property at all times and takes very seriously any incidents or reports of incidents involving the possession or use of a weapon as defined by law, which includes spring guns and air guns,".

According to state law and school district policy, the consequences the students could face would include expulsion.

But school officials will not comment on what action they're taking because this incident, where students brought soft pellet guns to school, is still under investigation.