Reaction To President’s College Proposal

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President Obama said he wants to make college more affordable and rate institutions of higher learning, making it easier for students to get the best bang for the buck.

Some parents and students are watching the developments closely. That includes the Schuylkill campus of Penn State near Schuylkill Haven.

Today was moving in day at Penn State Schuylkill. When it comes to paying tuition parent Lou Rohrberg said he isn't too worried.

"This is a great bargain for us because he was able to get a partial scholarship, so that helped us out and there are other programs that are available so basically the cost is not great for us."

Another parent, Mike Dixon has another prospective when it comes to tuition.

"It's a little outrageous considering what other countries do for their students they get out of school and their not burdened but Penn State it's a great institution so it's a trade off ." Dixon said.

President Obama has had the same theme as he tours the region, make college more affordable, especially for the middle class. That includes rating schools of higher learning,so students and parents can get more for their money.

Sophomore Rasheed Royer said he's concerned for his future.

"Especially my major I will do 5 or 6 years to complete it and I don't want to waste all my adult life paying back all the loans and stuff."

According to President Obama the cost of the average tuition is $20,000 per year and that doesn't include room and board and all the other essentials.