Rare Friday Game at the LLWS

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- Something you don't normally see on the second Friday of the Little League World Series is baseball. But this year is an exception. Because of Thursday night's storm, little league needed to reschedule a game. Little league officials say this is only the second time in ten years this happened. These fans were not complaining.

"I work third shift and i was really excited that I get to come tonight and watch this game," Michelle Stahl said.

"I can come here on a Friday and I can enjoy it. It's really fun," Matthew Potts said.

When there is no game scheduled, little league employees and volunteers must come in on their day off. It takes close to 100 people to run this food stand. Little league officials say volunteers stepped up to the plate.

"Everybody said they'd be willing to come back today. We're really blessed with the people we have volunteer with us during the world series," Melissa Singer said.

The rain started Thursday during the dinner rush so food vendors say they lost a lot of customers. They hope to make that up during this extra day of baseball.

"I'm pretty hopeful that we'll make up for that, maybe even more. People who didn't think they could come could come on Friday," Singer said.

The Gilbert family from Lewisburg could not make the Thursday games, so they were happy about the rare Friday game.

"Just glad we could come up here and the weather's nice. Just glad we could come watch the kids. They really do a good job," Maxine Gilbert said.

"The weather is perfect, I'm glad to be here. I just got here and I've got some bubbles in my blood, I'm ready to go," Dennis Evans said.