Presidential Visit as Sweet as Pie

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY – The Presidential Motorcade left Binghamton University bound for Scranton, but what people in Susquehanna County didn’t know is that they would get a surprise visit from the President of the United States while he was on his way to Lackawanna College.

“Well it was quite the day, once in a lifetime thing, all the staff that was here were thrilled all the customers that were here were thrilled,” said Bingham’s Restaurant Owner Dave Scarpetta.

Bingham’s Restaurant in Lenox is family owned. Owner Dave Scarpetta says he and the president had a chat about the pies that Bingham’s is known for.

“He said he loves pie and we have the best pies and the biggest selection you could have anywhere,” said Scarpetta.

Restaurant guests were just as surprised as the owner. “Some guy from the secret service came and said the president is coming, he`s going to come around and shake your hand and talk to you for a little bit,” said Amelia VanDeMark of Newfield, New York.

President Obama shook hands and took photos with everyone in the restaurant, including those making the pies the President said he loves.

“It was exciting to know that he likes the one pie that we make here which is coconut cream and I happened to be making one when he came back ,” said Barbara Komar of Thompson.

But with all of the excitement created here thanks to the President`s visit there were also a lot of issues including this traffic backup you see here right off of the Interstate. Stuck in traffic was one of Bingham’s Restaurant employees.

“My boss called me and said he needed me to come to work and as you can see we`re stuck in traffic because President Obama is at the restaurant,” said Giana Latimer of Union Dale.

The Motorcade left en route to Scranton with a cherry crumb, coconut cream and pecan pie. But people who got a glimpse of the President say it was an experience they’ll never forget.

“Got our picture taken with him which, not everybody gets the chance to do that,” said Thompson.

“He`s a very accommodating and genuine person,” said Scarpetta.