UPDATE: President Makes His Way to Scranton

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SCRANTON -- President Obama is making his way to Scranton for his speech scheduled for 5:00p.m.

On the way to Scranton, the motorcade stopped at Bingham's Restaurant in Susquehanna County for a bite to eat. President Obama bought some of the pies Bingham's is so famous for.

Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet President Obama in Scranton.

But while the pair are making their way to Scranton, the Lackawanna College Student Union has been busy since about 4:00a.m.

Secret service did security sweep of the building and the streets surrounding the student union here on Jeffereson Avenue have been shut down.

Jefferson and Madison Avenues are shut down between Olive Street and Mulberry Street. The 700-bloock of Olive Street and Vine Street are also closed. Traffic is starting to build up  on Mulberry Street near the University of Scranton campus, and also along North Washington Avenue near Lackawanna College's main building.

People who have tickets to see President Obama's speech are lining up. Some were here as early as 4:00a.m. to make sure they get a good view of the president and vice president. The speech is set to start at about 5:00p.m., President Obama and Vice President Biden are expected to talk about making college more affordable, something that affects many of the people we spoke to this morning.

The people waiting to see the president's speech will be let in to the Lackawanna College Student Union around 3:00p.m. President Obama's motorcade is expected to arrive on  Jefferson Avenue just before his speech at 5:00p.m.