Obama Details Education Plan In Scranton

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SCRANTON --- President Obama wrapped up a two-day bus tour that started in Buffalo, New York and wound its way through Syracuse, Binghamton and Lackawanna College in Scranton Friday afternoon.

His goal was to unveil his plan to make college education more affordable for the middle class.

The president calls it his "better bargain for the middle class."

The gist of the President's plan is to create a new rating system for the nation's colleges and universities, that evaluates how many students they graduate, and at what cost to the students.

The President will need Congressional approval if he wants to tie in financial aid to the new college ratings.

But he says student debt across the country totals one billion dollars and that's just not sustainable for the United States' economy.

He calls higher education not a luxury, but a necessity. Something he says his administration has been working on for years.

The President was particularly complimentary of community colleges and he specifically mentioned Lackawanna College as a place where students can get a,  "great education at a reasonable cost."