Sorry Seagull Trying to be “Lured” in

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HAMLIN – Flying high this flock of seagulls usually hangs around Hamlin in this shopping center, but there’s one bird now ‘luring’ in a lot of attention in Wayne County.

"I just drove up and I saw this, something hanging out her mouth and I thought it was a mouse, I pulled up close and it`s a fishing lure," said Liz Zande of Salem Township.

An unlucky catch for this seagull, a fishing lure stuck right in its beak!  It was making it hard to eat the food Ed Sennefelder from Newfoundland was throwing at it.

"I mean he could barely eat, he could get the hamburger I threw but not the fries," said Sennefelder.

Scott Mousley of Greentown actually spotted the sorry seagull and called the Game Commission, but much to his surprise, "They just sort of  said well in a couple days the hook will be dissolved and I was kind of upset with that," said Mousley.

But seeing this bird struggle, Mousley followed up and contacted Newswatch 16.  We found the bird too, and found out there was also some confusion

Turns out this isn`t the first but actually the second time this week the Game Commission has been called here to this parking lot for a seagull with a fishing lure through its` beak and now they`re doing everything they can to help it out.

"A fishing lure looks a lot like a fish, that’s something a seagull wants to eat and they don’t know any better so they try to eat it," said Wildlife Conservation Officer James McCarthy.

Wildlife Conservation Officer James McCarthy came to try and help the second seagull that’s been hooked this week. Mousley even tried to help by tossing out some French fries.

"We tried to catch the guy and get the hook out of him but he was a little too woody for us today,” said Mousley.

Mousley and the Game Commission said they’ll be back to try to lure this sorry seagull in yet again.