Lined Up For Tickets For Obama

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SCRANTON---The line was long for tickets to hear President Obama speak at Lackawanna College. Those free tickets were handed out at the college along Vine Street in the city Wednesday afternoon.

The hand-out started at 4 p.m., but some got in line as early as 9 a-m.

"I'm hoping to hear him talk about kids and how he can make the world a better place and stuff like that," said Ta-Tyanah of Scranton, a 12-year old eager to see the President.

The president is ending a four city tour with his stop in Scranton, where he is expected to talk about making college more affordable for the middle class.

Several adults brought children along for tickets to see the President.

After all, they said, they are the future.

"His speech is going to be about education and I think that's really important, especially for them," said Eva Moore of Scranton who brought her grandchildren.

Ten-year old Lila Mosley of Scranton may not be thinking about college yet, but she said she is eager to see the President.

"This is my first time and I like always wanted to see him and it's going to be so exciting!"

Some of those lined up for tickets said they welcome the President's visit but they want to talk about other topics, mainly fracking.

A small group plans a demonstration Friday to draw the President's attention to what they call the negative effects of gas drilling, particuarly in the small Susquehanna community of Dimock.

"We are really hoping to raise public awareness particuarly for the need for water delivery and re-opening the epa study in Dimock. It absolutely has to be reopened. Those are people who are suffering and we need the president's attention," said Wendy Lynnelee of Bloomsburg.

Most, however, said they are just excited to see the nation's leader in their community.

"I thought that it was really great that he chose Scranton to speak at and also Lackawanna so I think it's really important to come and support the President," said Sarah Cruz, a graduate student from Scranton.