Lackawanna’s Birth Date Set Straight After 135 Years

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Lackawanna County celebrated its 135th birthday Wednesday during a celebration on Courthouse Square. But, officials recently found out that the county's birthday has actually been observed on the wrong day for all these years.

Lackawanna County officials thought 135 years was an important milestone for Pennsylvania's youngest County. So, they celebrated with the timeless traditions. Birthday cake, of course, and a juggler showing off for the kids.

Lackawanna's birthday has been celebrated in mid-August several times over its 135 year history. But, this party was rescheduled at the last-minute to August 21st.

The birthday party was held right next to the Lackawanna County historical marker on Courthouse Square that says the county's birthday is August 13th.

But, a Lackawanna County judge did some research recently and found that wasn't exactly accurate.

Judge Terrence Nealon got an invitation to the party to be held on August 13th, but said to a county worker he didn't think that was the actual birthday.

Judge Nealon was doing research earlier this year for a decision regarding current county politics when he found documents from 134 years ago that called the long celebrated August 13th birthday into question.

"There's some Supreme Court case-law having to deal with some dispute regarding who would become the county officials for the new county, and they identify August 21st as the day the county was created in the eyes of the law," Judge Nealon said.

Turns out, August 13th was the Election Day when voters chose to create Lackawanna County back in 1878. But, it didn't become official until a week later.

Lackawanna County officials say any future birthday parties will be held on the 21st from now on.

As for the historical marker, it will be up to the Pennsylvania Historical Commission to decide if it should be changed.