Lack of Lifeguards Closes Pool

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LUZERNE COUNTY – Dozens of kids and parents looking to enjoy a little summer fun before school starts stopped by Frances Slocum State Park around 11AM to dive-in.

Instead they found the pool in Luzerne County locked up due to a lack of lifeguards.  The gates are locked up, the pool empty.

No lifeguards in sight, but swimmers are still showing up here at Frances Slocum State Park in Luzerne County wondering why the pool is closed.

"Just was so excited to come today because we knew it was going to be very hot and we`ve been packing since 7 O`Clock this morning, sandwiches, watermelon, went to the store last night, peaches," said Brenda Thompson said West Pittston.

Instead of making a splash, swimmers were greeted with this sign pinned up to the front gates – Closed due to a lack of lifeguards, open weekends only.

It surprised kids looking to have some last minute summer fun.

"Very, I mean I can`t believe they`re short on lifeguards of all things they can be shot on it`s got to be lifeguards," said Cassie Thomas of West Pittston.

"I really wanted to swim, cause it`s going to get hot and now it`s closed so we can`t," said 11-year old Hanna Moon.

One by one people wandered up to the gates to read the bad news.  Janel Moon of Bear Creek had a car full of kids, coolers and beach towels ready to go.

"I came here as a kid a lot so I thought we`ll just pack up and go not even thinking it wouldn`t be open,” said Moon.

People showing up to swim here at Frances Slocum State Park Pool say this sign here was the only way that they knew the pool was closed, and weren`t too happy about it.

"I guess they`re having a problem every year with the lifeguards probably going back to school, but they should at least let us know instead of having us come up here and you know, it`s disappointing,” said Lisa Geter of Nanticoke.

But the State Park’s Office says the pool closing actually is listed online, but you have to look in the right place under advisories, necessary because many lifeguards went back to school.

Some made the best of the sunny day, picnicking and playing nearby, while others left rather sad in search of another pool.

"Oh it`s so disheartening, we come up here all the time and to come to find out it`s closed on the most beautiful day after all the cloudy days we had and the cold days I`m a little upset,” said Geter.

State Park Officials say they have to close the pool most years around this time depending on the number of lifeguards they have available.  They need at least four to operate safely.