Driver In Schuylkill County Crash Had Suspended License

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Police in Schuylkill County say the driver of an SUV who crashed into a home near Frackville shouldn't have been driving in the first place.

It was a scene that some couldn't believe. An SUV left Route 61 near Frackville and buried itself in the home of David Kulp.

The SUV was driven by Ethan Kennedy of Mahanoy City.

Both men were hurt.

Police now say Kennedy shouldn't have been behind the wheel of any vehicle. Kennedy's driver's license was suspended for 11 years.

Court records show that Kennedy pleaded guilty for driving without a license and speeding about four months ago.

Investigators say that speed was a factor in this crash. Police are trying to determine what caused the crash.

"We're still waiting for toxicology reports on the driver, have to look at the vehicle and see if there are any failures and so forth and I'll be digging into it trying to calculate speed prior to impact and that sort of thing," explained  Butler Township Police Lt. Dan Holderman.

Sean Devlin lives a short distance from the crash scene. He's not surprised it happened.

"People have driven up in my yard because they weren't paying attention. They come up on stopped traffic. Whether that happened yesterday, I don't know. They come upon stopped traffic and have nowhere to go."

Those who saw the crash hope police get to the bottom of why it happened.

"Everyone should know if there were drugs or alcohol involved because that could add to the problem," said neighbor Deborah Concel.

It's unclear when police will know why the SUV left Route 61 and crashed into that house.

Kennedy remains in critical condition.

A man inside the home, David Kulp, is in serious condition.