Bear Caught On Camera In Avoca

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AVOCA --- Some neighbors in Luzerne County got quite a shock Wednesday as a bear came lumbering through their yards.

The bear sighting happened around 12:30 p.m. in Avoca.

This surveillance camera shows a pretty good sized bear taking a casual afternoon stroll through this yard in Avoca.

Neighbors say the bear made a surprise visit just after noon here along Pittston Avenue.

“Then it went through here, there was some more cracked off there and it walked up there,” said James McGlynn who was in the pool in his backyard with his 7-year old granddaughter Brooke when the bear came walking by.

“It had its head turned, nice and slow, and it was looking at me and her and I told Brooke, I said ‘don`t say nothing’ because it could break the pool in a minute,” said McGlynn.

The bruin`s shocking appearance drew other neighbors outside who then chased the bear off into the woods.

“Then it went up through by the garage and then it went up that way and everybody followed it and it went over all the way over up through the woods,” said McGlynn.

“It`s a big shock to me especially around here, there is woods, like you would expect a deer but definitely not a bear, it`s a little frightening because the house over here has a little baby,” said Jessica Langhorne.

McGlynn says he heard of other bear sightings in nearby communities and believes it`s the same bear.

“This morning they saw it in Old Forge and Duryea, did you know that? and then it came here so it`s traveling, they go 50 miles a day,” said McGlynn.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says they did send an officer out to the area but are not sure if the bear was found.