Yuengling To Sponser NASCAR Car

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POTTSVILLE -- What do beer brewed in Schuylkill County and NASCAR have in common? Some said quite a lot, actually.

NASCAR is a popular sport and true fans know the cars and the drivers.

Just ask Tom Worley, who is drinking Yuengling lager with his friends in Pottsville.

"I am a Tony Stewart fan. I am a little down right now because he can't drive and I don't like the wrecks like other people do, I like good racing." Worley said.

Yuengling will be doing more than brewing soon. The brewery that calls Pottsville home is sponsoring a car and a driver for NASCAR.

Lou Romano, a marketing official for the company said the Yuengling logo will be all over car number 3.

"They have a proven track record of success and we've chosen a driver as in Ty Dillon who is young, he's aggressive, he has family values, he's an outdoors man.  He's very typical as a Yuengling drinker. We see a lot of us in him."

Romano added it's becoming the primary sponsor of the car to advertise its products.

"The 14 states where we're now sold are loaded with NASCAR fans and it's a great way to reach them by going to their community." Romano explained.

Reaction to the marriage of NASCAR and Yuengling is going over well at Maroons Sports Bar and Grill in Pottsville. Bob Dittmar owns the business.

"It will help him expand the business. It will help us attract more business here. I think it's a great thing." Dittmar said.

Even Jim Lewis likes the concept. Lewis said he doesn't watch a lot of NASCAR racing.

"I think it's a great idea. He's expanding his business and it's a good way to let the world know that he's expanding."

If everything goes as planned, the Yuengling brand will be on car number 3 next year.