Business Reopens After Fire, Mayor Declares “Howie’s Pizza Day!”

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SAYRE -- It was packed Tuesday afternoon at Howie's Pizza & Subs along Keystone Avenue in Sayre.

Tuesday marked nine months since an electrical fire destroyed the popular pizza place.

After undergoing construction, doors opened once again on Tuesday, and it was packed.

"We had a feeling it was going to be this way and we're just hoping everybody is going to be patient with us and we're doing our best to keep everything going here," owner Don Howard said.

The store might have been crowded because the town's mayor declared in "Howie's Pizza Day."

Neighbors who frequent the popular pizza shop said that they missed the restaurant when it was being rebuilt.

"I was still at school at the time so I had no idea. So when I came back for winter break, I actually drove by and I couldn't believe it," Michelle Bergquist of Sayre said.

Howard has owned the business since 1996.

He said it was without question that he would rebuild.

"I know all the Sayre kids come. All the band kids, all the athletes even the teachers. It's a little slice of heaven I guess," Bergquist said.

Howard said he had insurance. He added that all monetary donations received during the construction period went to employees that were out of a job.

Howard said he has a staff of about 30 employees and plans to hire an additional 3-4 workers down the road.

Looking at the crowd periodically throughout the day, Howard said he is proud to be back in business.

"It's marvelous and this is why it's Howie's Pizza Day because the community loves us and we love them," Howard said.