Complaints Lead To Bar Being Closed

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DUPONT -- Police in Luzerne County say they shut down a noisy bar over the weekend.

People who live in Dupont filed complaints about noise and loitering late into the night.

The owner of the building told us the bar is the target of racial discrimination.

Some people who live near the Continental Bar and Grille on Main Street in Dupont say the Latino nightclub has been nothing but trouble.

Before the place opened in June, someone posted fliers around the community warning people there would be loud music, and noisy crowds. And neighbors say that's exactly what happened.

"Somebody is definitely going to get hurt. And they're kids. And that's what we're all afraid of. And the people are all afraid of them that were going to get hurt, too. Its time they shut it down."

Neighbors who did not want to appear on camera tell us that there were at least 150 people out on the usually quiet streets and sidewalks late Saturday night. Dupont borough police say that they shut the bar down for one night, after they received nearly two dozen complaints.

"For downtown Dupont, it's a little scary to have that many people hanging out, walking the streets."

The owner of the building, Bill Defazio, says the bar owner, as well as the customers, did not break any laws over the weekend.  Defazio believes the new business is being scrutinized because it is catering to an ethnic group.

"Place started picking up, started doing well. Started to get a lot more Latino, Spanish speaking people in here and whatever else, and apparently this town just doesn't like it," Defazio said.

Officials with the bureau of liquor enforcement say they're aware that the bar was cleared out over the weekend but they add the bar has not been written up for any violations.  The bar is expected to open this weekend.

Fed up neighbors, the owner of the building, and the owner of the bar said they plan to bring the dispute to the Dupont Borough Council meeting next month.