Community Tarred and Chipped

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TRESCKOW -- A community near Hazleton is upset its roads are covered in oil and stones. But, a PennDOT spokesperson says it had to be done to make the road last longer.

When you drive through some streets in Tresckow, near Hazleton, you might want to take it a little slower than normal. The roads here have just been worked on and are covered in oil and stones.

"Well, I think they could have done a little better, like patted it down so we don't get all the stones in our car," said Florence Lockwood of Tresckow.

"Now it's just hazardous," said Mike Garbacik of Tresckow.

Garbacik lives on East Market Street in Tresckow.  The street is no longer driver-friendly, according to him. It's covered in oil and stones, something he says wasn't needed.

"It was smooth, a smooth paved road, just like the interstate. There was no potholes, no damage," said Garbacik, "I can't even park in front of the house. It's constantly getting hit with rocks, debris.  There's dust on the house now. I have to get it pressure washed and I'll have to do this every month," said Garbacik.

A PennDOT spokesperson says the roads in Tresckow that were treated with oil and loose stones needed the work. The spokesperson says the oil and stones will prevent cracks and potholes from forming.

PennDOT crews will eventually put asphalt on these roads, but it's unknown when that will happen.