From Gardening to Fundraising, Help for Ross Township Shooting Victim

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SAYLORSBURG -- Neighbors on Mount Eaton Road said Linda Kozic returned to her home Friday afternoon in a loaned handicap accessible van, but she is currently staying with relatives in Mount Pocono as she contiunes to recover from her injuries.

Linda was shot on August 5 when Rockne Newell allegedly opened fire at the Ross Township municipal building, killing her husband Gerard, her neighbor James LaGuardia, and code enforcement officer David Fleetwood.

A Facebook group for Linda's supporters has information about a number of fundraisers in the works.

Donations can be made here to pay medical bills for the graphic designer who has no health insurance, or you can donate on Facebook.

The help isn't only online, members of the Mount Eaton Church which is just down the road from Linda's home have collecting money and even doing things like mowing her grass.

Pastor Douglas Hayes said that taking steps to aid the victims is helping his congregation cope with the tragedy.

"We took up a collection last week for the three families, and for the families that live here on Mount Eaton Road we have been trying to making sure their grass gets cut, anything we can do to help," he added. "A lot of times the best thing is just presence, not necessarily saying anything, but just making sure people know that you are there, and you are thinking of them."

LeRoy Altimose Sr., 81, lives across Mt. Eaton Road and said since Linda loved her garden, he is happy he can help care for it while she recovers.

"I'll do it as long as we have to because she is a neighbor and everybody should help their neighbors," said Altimose Sr.

Donations for any victims can be sent to: Mt. Eaton Church, 7277 Mt Eaton Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353