Neighbors React To Alleged Abduction

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ASHLAND — We talked to people at a fundraiser in Schuylkill County about the alleged abduction Thursday.

Bob Bereininger was busy cooking up potato pancakes in front of St. Joseph Church in Ashland.  It’s all part of a fundraising project. He’s glad the alleged kidnapped girl, Alexandria Long, is safe.

“You got to be kind of concerned when that type of thing happens. It’s scary, really, when you find in your area or anyone’s area really. You don’t know what’s going to happen when they do that.

Most of the other people at the fundraiser agree.

“It was very shocking because we never experienced anything like that. I talked it over with my wife and she said the same thing,” said Jim Hogan of Butler Township.

“I think that enlightens in all of us to keep an eye on our neighborhoods in our town,” said Pat Reilly of Ashland.

As Bereininger cooked up the goodies he said the alleged kidnaping is a sign of changing times.

“When we were kids, we didn’t have to worry about that stuff. We ran around the mountains, we had a great time we didn’t have to worry about someone coming up to you and trying to haul you off and abduct you.”

According to court papers, Alexandria was in contact with Peter Tarbox through Facebook. police say if there is a lesson to be learned here, closely monitor your child’s internet activities.