Gordon Neighborhood Shaken after Alleged Kidnapping

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GORDON - 10-year old Alexandria Long followed her mother out of the Governeur Police Station in Upstate New York after a frightening night.

Police say the girl was kidnapped from her home here in Gordon and then taken across state lines by this pair, her mother’s ex-boyfriend Peter Tarbox and his mother, Annette Williams.

"Who knows what that poor little girl was thinking on her way up to New York, New York state Like that, being gone for hours and not knowing when she`s going to see  mom again,” said neighbor Cheryl Varndell of Gordon.

In Gordon neighbors who live just blocks away from where the alleged kidnapping happened say they’re shocked this would happen here – even more shocked to hear that police say a mother and son are responsible.

"I think that`s horrible I mean absolutely horrible, I have two boys and there`s no way I would help them kidnap a child, never,” said Nina Kramer of Gordon.

Police say Alexandria`s mother came and searched this park here first before reporting her daughter missing, a place where she and many other neighborhood children come and play alone.  And that fact now bothers many neighbors.

"I think we`re really living in critical times now, that we have to be very careful about where we let our children play, what we do," said Linda Kessler of Gordon.

Kessler lives just a few apartments down from the little girl and says she recently stopped by to give her this pinwheel flower for her garden.

"She`s just a sweet little girl, she`s very friendly.  She walks her dog over here and takes real good care of her little brother," said Kessler.

Now Kessler and others in this neighborhood say they’ll be keeping a closer eye on the children here

"This is a small community and it is extremely scary when something like this happens,” said Kramer.

Peter Tarbox and his mother Annette Williams are locked up in upstate New York facing kidnapping charges.  Butler Township Police say this is now a federal case that the US Attorney’s Office is handling.