Furloughs Over for Tobyhanna Army Depot Workers

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Today is the last day workers will be furloughed at one of the region's largest employers.

Over the past few months, federal budget cuts forced more than 3,500 Tobyhanna Army Depot Employees out of work for a total of six days.

It's a slow Friday at Baby Bruno's Pizzeria near Mount Pocono.

For the workers, it's something they started getting used to after employees at the Tobyhanna Army Depot were furloughed for six straight Fridays because of federal budget cuts.

"None of our customers were coming in anymore," said Atija Barzev, a worker at Baby Bruno's Pizzeria.

Barzev is a cashier at the pizzeria and says the lack of Tobyhanna Army Depot workers coming in for lunch hurt the business over the past several weeks.

"It was a dramatic loss. I mean the Fridays were not like they usually were. And the weekdays we would get a lot of people too but they stopped coming," said Barzev.

According to a statement from the Tobyhanna Army Depot: starting Monday, the six-day furlough is over.

More than 3,500 depot workers will return to full work weeks including Fridays.

It's hopeful news for the pizzeria that's been dealing with very slow days.

"We had no dishes to wash, no money to pay the bills. It affected our business a lot," said Barzev.

But now the workers are hopeful the crowds will be back.

"We are actually very happy it's over. Now we're getting more of them coming in. And more of them are telling us that a lot of people are coming back. It's really good," said Barzev.